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To become a recognized global leader in providing fiber optic interconnect solutions to the Medical, Industrial, and Telecom industries.



To become a brand name, Global Leader in providing fiber optic interconnect solutions to the Medical, Industrial, and Telecom industries. 

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For us, customer satisfaction is our priority. Our commitment is to meet or exceed customer expectations in product quality and on-time delivery.

Quality Policy

1. Micro Mechanical Engineering: Expertise in detailed and precise mechanical engineering at a micro scale.
2. Micro Drilling: Specialization in precise micro drilling processes.
3. Micro Polishing and Finishing: Industry-renowned capabilities in micro polishing and finishing, with patented systems and a history of innovation.
4. Testing at Micron/Sub-micron Levels: Proficiency in conducting detailed testing at micron and sub-micron levels.
5. Product Development: Strong focus on developing innovative products.
6. Design and Manufacturing of Fiber Interconnect Products: Expertise in creating cutting-edge fiber interconnect solutions.
7. Advanced Manufacturing and Machining: Comprehensive capabilities in micro machining, CNC lathe/mill operations, wire EDM, DD grinding, and 3D printing.
8. Design and Manufacturing of Copper Cable and Assembly Products: Extensive experience in copper cable and assembly product design and manufacturing.
9. Marketing: Effective marketing strategies and initiatives.
10. Sales and Customer Service: Strong focus on sales excellence and superior customer service.
11. Logistics, Procurement, and Inventory Control: Efficient management of logistics, procurement, and inventory for optimized operations.

PFP’s Core Competencies:


● Developed Polishing System APC Line for Senko Advanced – Intellectual property transfer.
● Incorporated company and built R&D staff in San Jose, CA (Silicon Valley).


● Designed MM Interconnect Line of products.



● Invested in a Chinese factory for high-quality, cost-efficient manufacturing of plastic and metal components.


● Developed a line of products for Optogenetic Testing.


● Built a USA management team for global expansion.


● Expanded manufacturing groups worldwide.


● Expanded customer base worldwide.


● Built Sales and Marketing groups for global expansion of customer base.


● Developed 100% concentricity and ID bore testing capability.
● Built a Mexico Management team for economical manufacturing to support an ever-growing global customer base.


● Invested in a Mexican factory in Rosarito Beach for high-quality, cost-efficient manufacturing of connectivity products.


● Expanded Warehouse/Distribution in San Diego, CA.
● Increased Mexican Manufacturing volumes to support the global market.


● Added Executive offices in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
● Invested in a China Factory to greatly improve our high-quality, cost-efficient manufacturing process.
● Achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification.


● Trademark approved for MT Spectacular and MPO Spectacular for our Global Marketing of 5G interconnect products.
● Filed the provisional patent application for our MT Spectacular Polishing System.
● Created a management team in India for Global Sales & Marketing.
● Awarded 3M Distributorship for the Global Market.
● Awarded Sticklers Distributorship for the Global Market.


● Applied for the final Global Patent for our MT Spectacular Polishing System.
● Created the Latin American Sales & Marketing Team.


● ISO Certification Ren